The City of Beaumont announced late Saturday afternoon that six water pumps were in place refilling the city's water plant, which is treating the water before pumping it out to homes that have been without clean water for days.

"There will be periodic interruptions in water service as well as changes in water pressure throughout the plant startup process," Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames wrote in a statement. "Once water pressure is restored, it is imperative to follow the guidelines of the boil water notice."

12 News Now has a comprehensive set of instructions posted here for what to do once your water is restored.

Mayor Ames said utilities staff have been working around the clock since Aug. 31 to restore water to Beaumont residents. The mayor thanked ExxonMobil, Echo Construction, and Jefferson County Drainage District 6 for their cooperation in working to restore water -- adding Tiger Industries responded quickly with pumps and extended new lines to the plant.

"It is important to remember that this is a temporary solution until the water along the Neches River recedes and damage to the two water intake facilities can be assessed," Mayor Ames said. "Thank you very much for

your patience during this historical event."