The City of Beaumont has lost its water supply after rising waters due to Tropical Storm Harvey knocked out the systems main input pump.

The city is anticipated to lose water pressure in the system in the next three to four hours according to a release from the City of Beaumont.

The Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas began transferring patients Thursday morning because of the pump failure. They released the following statement on Facebook.

"Due to the failure of the city's water pump, it is in the best interest of our current patients to transfer to other acute care facilities. Due to the city-wide lack of services, we have no other alternative but to discontinue all services which will include emergency services. This is being done immediately."

As news of the water system spread people began buying up water wherever they could find it.

Most grocery stores in Beaumont remained closed early Wednesday leaving only a few convenience stores open with already limited supplies of bottled water after Harvey passed through.

Officials from the Beaumont Fire Department are looking at how to modify their response due to the loss of the city's water supply according to Captain Brad Penisson of the Beaumont Fire department.

Penisson described the situation as unprecedented saying that no one could remember the pump station ever failing in this manner.

The city may be asking for help from the State of Texas in the form of water tankers to have on stand-by for the fire department Penisson said.

Rising waters on the Neches River due to the storm have knocked out the primary pump station that draws water into the city's water treatment plant according to the release.

This pump station draws water from the Neches River as the main source of water for Beaumont's water system according to the release.

Maintenance crews will have to wait until water levels, from what has become a historic level flood , drop before the extent of the damage can be determined and repairs made the release said.

There is no way to determine how long it will take before the waters recede enough.

Additionally the city has also lost its secondary water source at Loeb wells in Hardin County which means that at this time there is no water supply for the city's water system.