The signs that a major hurricane is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico is becoming more apparent here in Southeast Texas, Sabine Pass continues to have a voluntary evacuation.

While standing on top of the intercoastal waterway, the clouds can be seen rolling in towards Port Arthur.

"I'm fixing to leave now, we've checked evacuation routes to not get caught in traffic jams, both my trucks were filled with gas yesterday," says John Dunnham, a resident from Sabine Pass.

He's taking off during the calm before the major storm, Harvey has intensified in the Gulf and became a category 4 Hurricane Friday afternoon with winds of up to 130 miles per hour.

"I hurried up and got everything packed up before traffic, then we're going to be rolling out," Dunnham says.

He's transferring his stuff inland away from the storm, but it's not just water and winds he's worried about.

"When I started picking up stuff on my travel, I found 3 snakes," he says.

"Be sure to watch out because they will be underneath stuff," Dunnham explains.

Leaving behind an RV lot and advice to those who plan on staying behind.

"Make sure you have plenty of water and everything is good to go," He says.

A "Voluntary" evacuation order continues for those residents who live in Sabine Pass.