A Vidor family who was able to save the contents of their home during the flooding saw their luck turn for the worst before their eyes last Friday.

The Smith family originally lucked out and helped their neighbors, but now like thousands of others need just as much help as everyone after an electrical fire destroyed their home.

Brandon and Stephanie Smith have told and retold their Harvey story a thousand times.

"I'd take them as far as I could to the next deep water then I would drop them off and come back and get another one," Brandon recalled.

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His priority during the storm was to rescue his neighbors.

"They couldn't get out because the roads were flooded, and then my wife called me and said you've got to get home, we're about to get wet. Everything we thought we could save, we brought upstairs," he told 12News.

But a fire last Friday morning, three weeks after the flood waters receded, destroyed everything they tried to save in the second story of their home off Wood Street in Vidor.

"I had no idea that the fire was even going on. I didn't smell nothing, so if he would have worked that night I would not have woke up probably," Stephanie said.

After defeating the water, which rose a couple of feet into their home, it was fire that ravaged the house and wrecked their efforts to salvage everything last Friday.

"I ran outside and when I realized it was the house, I ran back in and told my wife call 9-1-1 and I said the house is on fire, so I grabbed my kids," Brandon said.

"The sirens were music to my ears, most of the time it's terror for people but it was music," Stephanie recalled.

"I was actually trying to get the camper hooked up to my truck when they pulled up and when I heard the sirens I just dropped to my knees and thanked the Lord because I didn't know how much further I could go," Brandon said.

"Everything that we needed immediately was in that camper. So when the firemen showed up we screamed the camper, the camper. And they went straight to that," Stephanie added.

Not everything was complete loss, a few items were spared.

An unstained portion of a wall where a cross was hanging in one of their daughter's rooms, was left untouched by the flames.

As first responders battled to save what they could, there were a few other items the Smiths will be able to adore forever.

"I saw her dad's cowboy hat hanging in the room and I told the fireman and he ran in there and got it for us and saved it," Brandon said.

"The fireman saved our flag off the front porch," Stephanie said.

Brandon continued, "As soon as he got here he saw it, went and got it, and stuck it on the front of my truck and that's where it's been since then."

The Smith's are a strong couple with a strong family, just like others in their community in the same situation.

It's a hard story to tell about a husband who rescued others first and a wife who still finds memories in the ashes.