In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey, both national and local non-profit organizations are trying to help Port Arthur residents recover from Tropical Storm Harvey.

Help! I’m Hurting Inc. addressed different concerns that community members share, ranging from mold, health and housing to debris and concerns over local government.

Ingrid Holmes, a former Health Director for the City of Beaumont says that their base at Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church has seen dozens of people need different kinds of help.

"We discovered that through the intake project here at Mount Sinai Church, that probably had over 700 people that have come through and want assistance and they need all kinds of assistance," Holmes said.

The City of Port Arthur released a statement saying that the city welcomes the opportunity to work with groups committed to Port Arthur's recovery

While that group is trying to help others through their own resources, the City of Port Arthur continues hosting forums regarding the rebuilding of homes.

Cyndi Thomas, a Port Arthur native attended a town hall meeting at the YMCA to get answers over whether her elderly mother’s home would have to be elevated.

That home is among many that won’t have to elevate before renovations start.

"[The town hall] It answered my questions, I know a lot of people had a lot of questions, they're very stressed, there's uncertainty, they're tired, but I think they had good representatives,” Thomas said.

Port Arthur City Councilman Thomas Kinlaw says many residents have not had to elevate their homes, despite thousands of homeowners being notified they reside in a hazardous floodplain.

"As of today we have zero personnel or persons that have had to elevate based on their criteria," Kinlaw said.

Kinlaw says it’s important to give clear, accurate information to citizens.

"We want to give information so that people can understand what to do, I'm in the same situation, I lost everything and all my cards that I had. But guess what, I'm here to make sure they have the information that's important in the rebuilding process of my house," Kinlaw said.

Kinlaw says that additional town hall meetings will be held at later dates.