U.S. Army veteran Tammy Toups is living in a travel trailer outside of her flooded Bevil Oaks home.

She’s patiently waiting for the return of her missing horses, Gus and Bronco, who she was separated from after she was rescued by boat during Tropical Storm Harvey.

"There are days where all I can do is buckle to my knees, I cry a lot now, I come out and search for them, I follow every lead that anyone provides," Toups said.

Toups broke her legs during her military service and later rescued Gus and Bronco from tough conditions. They became her therapy horses.

Gus, a Sorrell Gelding, was rescued by Toups from terrible conditions.

"We grew together, we helped each other, I helped him heal, he helps me heal," Toups said.

Toups believes someone rescued or stole her horses after she was forced to evacuate her Bevil Oaks home.

"I can tell you I never would've got in that boat with that game warden if I knew I wasn't going to be able to come back and get my horses," Toups said.

Toups placed her horses on her porch. Toups, her husband, and their dogs were rescued by boat.

Toups could not return to her home until days after flood waters receded. Her horses were not turned into Ford Park, Houston SPCA or any standard locations, according to a flyer.

The nationwide efforts to find Gus and Bronco reached Net Posse, also known as Stolen Horse International, Incorporated.

Pamela Miller, Reports Manager with Stolen Horse International says she is contacting thousands of people to help in the search efforts.

"Tammy gave to this country when she signed up with the Army and I think it's our turn to give back and help her find these horses," Miller said.

Toups is hoping Gus and Bronco will return safely.

"I know someone has them, I can just pray that they're safe until we can get back to them," Toups said.

An anonymous donor is offering a $5,000 reward to find Gus and Bronco.

More details and descriptions of the horses can be found here.