Halloween is right around the corner, and with debris from Harvey still left on roads in residential areas, families might have to look for other different outlets for trick or treating.

“We want it out as quickly as we can,” said Hardin County Judge, Wayne McDaniel. “If it can be out by Halloween that’s even better, but you’re right we don’t want these kids walking around with all this mess out here on the side of the road.”

Judge McDaniel has been pushing to meet the October 31st deadline of a total cleanup of neighborhoods like Pinewood, but he doesn’t believe the roads will be completely clean by the time kids start putting on their costumes.

“I would just like to throw my two cents in, that maybe if people are willing to leave their neighborhood where their might be a lot of debris, and things like that and take the kids to a location such as a trunk or treat, or maybe another neighborhood as well,” said McDaniel. “I know some people are doing that. And I know some people would rather be home, it’s just a hard situation to be in.”

For Lorelie Jackson who helps run, “Jeep-or-Treat”, a version of trunk or treat in Vidor, she says the decision to make this year’s festivities bigger and better, was an easy one.

“This year the location that we usually do it at was destroyed, and many of the neighborhoods out here were destroyed, so we knew we had to step up or game, and really come up with something fun for the kids to do,” said Jackson.

On top of getting kids out of neighborhoods like the storm battered Wexford Park area in Vidor, where debris piles are enormous, trunk or treats normally raise funds or charities. Like Jeep-or-Treat donating to Fishers of Men, a local program that provides food for children.

“We just want to get the word out that we are here and Vidor’s rebuilding,” said Jackson. “And that we are not going to give up and we are going to continue helping people. And we are going to come back bigger and better than ever.”

If you are looking for a Trunk-or-Treat in the Beaumont area, Beaumiont PD is having their annual Trunk-or-Treat on Saturday the 28th from 10 AM until 2 PM at the Beuamont Civic Center. Judge McDaniel added that their would be a Trunk-or-Treat in Sour Lake on the 28th at Lions Park from 5 PM until 9 PM . Judge McDaniel also added that if you still need help mucking your home to call AmeriCorps. That number (540)830-0334.