In Orange County, thousands of people are also without a home, and county and city leaders are working to help provide shelter for those displaced.

This sight of flooded in homes is common around West Main Avenue in Orange, several feet made it inside many peoples homes.

"Knowing how my kids are going will not be living at our childhood home it's tough, all of the stuff they had is gone," says Hayli Jarrell, who was recently displaced by Harvey.

Toys and clothes still left on the floor, and children's rooms left vacant.

She and her 4 children were left without a home after being rescued from flood waters.

"It was very scary and overwhelming to me," She says.

A heartbreaking sight for Roman Reyes, who is land lord of Jarrell's rented home.

"It's sad because all of the renters leave and they don't know where they go, they'll have to find a place to live," Reyes explains.

"We're staying with a cousin," says Jarrell.

"But it's hard because we just want to be here, at home," she explains.

According to Mayor Jimmy sims with the city of Orange, the city is working with the American Red Cross in providing shelter.

The city is currently in search for a location to be used to house anyone who was displaced.

"It's scary, something I don't want to have to go through again," Jarrell says.

In the mean time, many like Jarrell are still left without a home.

"Stay strong, everything will always get better," She says.