Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared Sunday a statewide day of prayer for Harvey victims, then President Donald Trump expanded the declaration into a nationwide event.

Hundreds of people gathered at Bulldog Stadium in Nederland Sunday to attend a local prayer service organized by area pastors.

"There's so much work that has to be done, there are just life long memories that are just lost now -- people who have been just devastated,” Hillcrest Baptist Church Senior Pastor Jordan Rogers said.

Music playing and hands raised -- community members listened in as evacuees, first responders and those who lost loved ones in the storm were prayed for.

"When all those people go back to where they came from, when things have a new normal here people are going to need a lasting hope and that lasting hope is Jesus,” Event Organizer Alison Howell said.

If Sunday was any indication, many of those affected by Harvey are leaning on a higher power in these trying times