Even a month after Harvey, many Southeast Texans are trying to rebuild and according to mental health professionals, some risk being clinically diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"We lost everything in our home," said Tish Quinn, a Beaumont resident. "We are having to redo our entire house on the inside out."

According to mental health professionals in Beaumont, post-traumatic Stress is a common response after experiencing a traumatic or stressful event like Harvey. Symptoms include guilt, anxiety, and fear.

"That’s because it is something you have lost and I can't get it back," said Quinn.

Mental health professional, Heather Champion says the length of the symptoms can be determine how long post-traumatic Stress last, which can lead to becoming clinically diagnosed with post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

"The more you can talk to others, the better chance you have of overcoming," said Champion.

According to Champion, Post-Traumatic Stress requires no medical intervention, unless symptoms continue over six months.