The Southeast Texas community coming together on Monday to honor hometown and distant heroes including the Cajun Navy & Army.

Also, first responders who went above and beyond through Harvey’s floodwaters.

“You just have to know you are doing it for the right reason. You’re here to help the people who need it the most.” Said Tricia Jo Hoffman, with the Cajun Army.

She’s one of the many members stationed in Southeast Texas to help Harvey victims rebuild.

Linda Blackwell drove from Winnie to celebrate those who risk their lives for others.

“I just want to say thank you to them and just keep praying for them you know they are the back bones of our country.” Blackwell said.

11-year-old Matthew White was with his father, Kenan, who is a paramedic who helped rescue victims in dump trucks during the storm.

Matthew is happy to call his father a hero.

“I’m really happy and it’s cool that everyone is here all sorts of people.” He said.

The event consisted of food, music, and fun. All proceeds will go to rebuilding efforts for Southeast Texas first responders.