A Rose City couple will be sleeping in their tent still doing repairs more than 3 months after Tropical Storm Harvey.

The entire town is still under a boil water notice. City officials say many residents have received little help from FEMA.

"You can still smell some mold in the back bedrooms," David Bridwell said about his home still under repairs.

Bridwell says he’s trying to remain optimistic after he was denied assistance.

"We're trying to positive, it pains me to see people going through the struggle that they're going through, people are still suffering as you can see," Bridwell said.

Rose City mayor Bonnie Stephenson will appear on NBC's "Megyn Kelly TODAY" on Wednesday to ask for additional help for the 600 residents.

The little help they received has come from Eric Klein with the non-profit organization Can-Do, which raised over $68,000 for the residents.

Klein will also appear on TODAY with Megyn Kelly.

The city is also trying to get potable water back to its residents.

According to the city secretary, the city’s insurance company wasn’t releasing funds

Residents like Bridwell who is still living in a tent while he repairs several homes in the area.

"The majority of this neighborhood is senior citizens, and veterans you know, something needs to be done, something needs to step up, take initiative and say enough is enough," Bridwell said.

The city secretary says they are working to get clean water as soon as possible.