Port Arthur city officials are preparing ahead for the possibility of more temporary housing for displaced residents and evacuees.

Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick said large tents are currently on standby at central mall but explains county officials are still assessing how many residents would need shelter.

This afternoon there were several workers gathering materials and supplies for soft shelled tents behind Central Mall. The workers said they have the capability of setting up two large tents which can hold 250 people each.

On Friday, Mayor Derrick Freeman said there is about 1250 residents who were displaced from their homes after Harvey.

The Bob Bowers Civic Center can hold 500 displaced residents inside the soft shelled tents. About 250 residents moved to the Bob Bowers Civic center from the Thomas Jefferson Middle School Red Cross shelter on Friday.

Mayor Freeman has not provide 12news with an updated number of evacuees or displaced residents who are currently staying at the shelter.

"I got to say is they are feeding us good they are taking care of us lot of us there is a lot of safety here and police enforcement," said evacuee Kent Mullins.

This temporary shelter is a relief to Mullins because he lost several belongings and his car was completely flooded out during Harvey.

“My water went to my ankle to my waist in less than a half hour, less than a half hour probably 20 minutes,” said Mullins.

Patrick Peshoff, who is also living inside the shelter said he is thankful he has a place to stay but said some people are getting agitated.

“It’s a little intense it gets hot, people getting situated but I mean hopefully we can sit there and people to get to their regular life you know,”said Peshoff.

Mayor Freeman said he expected evacuees from Dallas, Garland and San Antonio come back to Port Arthur to live inside the tents but 12news has not received an update on if or when these evacuees have come back into town.

FEMA representative Ken Higginbotham wants to emphasize FEMA is giving aid to the state and local government and the city leaders are making decisions on temporary housing.