Students at Beaumont's Central High School got the day off on Friday and can plan on being off Monday after the district announced that they are continuing to work on remediation at the school.

"I hope we don't have to stay out of school for long, I hope they hurry up and get this done," said Central High School student Chervon Tarver.

Tarver is a senior at Central High school, she said she wants to get back into her regular routine.

"Yea get back to going to school and learning something because we have been out of school for a long time," said Tarver.

In a Friday morning meeting with staff from the school Associate Superintendent of Secondary Education Dr. Shannon Allen told teachers not to expect students or staff to be back on the campus Monday.

Saying that the district needed to make sure all kids and staff are safe Allen told staff members that locks were being changed and they could not enter the building.

Last week's rains caused more water intrusion into the building and on Thursday the air-quality, which had been tested several times during the week, showed that the building was now unsafe Dr. Allen told staff members in the meeting.

Allen stressed to staff members several times during the meeting that when students and staff initially returned for classes on September 13 the third-party contractor and air-quality tests indicated that the campus was safe.

She also encouraged staff to communicate that message to anyone who asks them and be careful about what they post about the situation on social media.

"We're not ever going to compromise the health and safety for anyone. I really wanna make sure you understand that," Allen told the staff.

Dr. Allen also went on to reinforce to the staff members present that should anyone ask them about the issue they should tell them what the district was saying about it.

"So when someone asks you that question 'why did they allow you in the building on that first day of school?' What are you going to say," she asked the crowd of staff members.

Allen then called on a coach in the audience asking him what he would say encouraging him to repeat his answer louder for everyone to hear.

Allen then reiterated "We were given approval by third-party vendors to come into that campus. It was safe and ready to go."

A staff member asked if the school would be kept together and Allen said she saw no reason at this time why they wouldn't be together.

"I don't anticipate in my mind right now why you wouldn't be maintained as a team. Something could change but I don't anticipate a different scenario right now."

When a staff member asked the name of the third party contractor, the crowd laughed as Allen said she didn't have the name of the contractor.

Allen was quick to emphasize that the contractor wouldn't risk their license and give the district false information.

"They absolutely would not give us the clearance to go into the building if it was not safe," she said.

Allen said that the district was working on contingency plans in case they can not return to the campus and that staff members should check their email over the weekend for Monday assignments.

"I do want to be at school but we did miss a lot of school for Harvey anyways so I do want it to get it out of the way," said Tarver.

The district has not released the name of the third party contractor. 12news has submitted a Freedom of Information request to find out that information.

From the Beaumont Independent School District...

Sept. 21 - Out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of the students and staff, Central Medical Magnet High School will be closed on Friday, September 22, 2017.

After the recent hurricane, the campus suffered damage that allowed for the entry of water into the campus.

These issues were immediately corrected and the building given clearance by an independent third party contractor for students and staff to begin school last week.

However, recently water intrusions from the rains this week have again saturated the walls and floors and created air quality concerns.

As a result, the District is closing the campus on Friday to continue the campus assessment.

All Central Medical Magnet High School employees should report to the administration board room at 11am.