Go down Lakeview Cutoff Street in Pine Forest and you will still see houses gutted because of Harvey damage. Go a little further and you will arrive at the home of Richard and Virgie Taylor, a couple who isn’t letting Harvey stop them from getting in the Christmas spirit.

“I’d have everything decorated if he’d do it,” laughed Virgie, motioning toward her husband of 48 years.

Richard and Virgie have lived in their Pine Forest home for nearly 50 years, and every year they have decorated their home for Christmas. Drive by and you will see almost 30 Christmas themed inflatables in their yard.

“Well I would buy them all, but I do have to come home,” said Virgie. “I do have to come home. So I pick out the ones I like.”

The number of inflatables this year pale in comparison to even last year when the Taylors had 69. Over 40 inflatables were destroyed during Harvey when two feet of water came into their home. So this year, Richard added one more decoration, a sign that says ‘Harvey got my home, not our Christmas spirit.’ Richard hopes to the sign speaks to people.

“I hope it does,” said Taylor, a Vietnam veteran. “Because you can’t do anything, but pull your britches up, tighten your belt and start over again.”

That is what the Taylor’s have done. Richard, working daily to get back in their home, and Virgie, replacing the decorations, in hopes that those who see it, will get into the Christmas spirit as well.

“If all the little people, and the kids that like it are happy, then that’s what makes me happy,” said Taylor.

Taylor’s do have plans to replace all of the inflatables they lost in the flood. They also said if the people keep coming, they’ll keep putting them up.