Over one hundred pets at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas are waiting to be reunited with their families after they were rescued during Hurricane Harvey.

Development director Monica Lee says so far eight families have picked up their pets there.

The shelter was already prepared to take in any displaced animals.

74 dogs and 34 cats ready for adoption were moved to a shelter in Lebanon, Tennessee shortly after the storm struck the area.

"It was hard to say goodbye to them, but we knew it was what had to be done to really help the community in this time of need," Lee said.

Many animals had to be rescued from homes where they were stranded.

"Some of the animals in our care were in the water for a pretty good amount of time so you may see some skin issues, skin irritability or hair loss," Lee said.

Lee hopes that the other remaining pets will be reunited with their families.

"A lot of people in our community have lost everything, and it is our goal and our mission to get them back their pet because we don't want to lose that as well," Lee said.

The Humane Society will keep all displaced pets for a minimum of fourteen days before they are eligible for adoption by another family.