Amie Howard, a volunteer from Fort Worth is one of the thousands who came from the area to help in the Harvey cleanup.

The scene inside a Rose City home was tough for her to take in.

"It’s complete heartbreak, just utter heartbreak for these people down here that have literally lost everything that they own, their cars, houses, pictures, they've lost everything," Howard said.

Over 3,000 volunteers from the Dallas-Fort Worth with the Mormon Helping Hands group assisted in cleaning flooded homes in the area.

Many of them spent the night at local schools including Vidor Elementary, Vidor Junior High, Vidor High School and a Little Cypress-Mauriceville ISD campus.

Daniel Harris, the president of the Orange, Texas stake in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints says he’s humbled by the number of people who are here to help.

Harris believes the volunteer effort can unite local communities.

"We come to know God through the things we suffer sometimes. And sometimes it brings us closer together and brings us closer to Him, and I'm just so impressed at how close some people have gotten," Harris said.

Howard thinks helping homeowners repair their houses is one way to show support in a time of need.

"If they don't have the help that they have from us as volunteers, their houses would be completely destroyed by the mold, because it's so bad and they can't get to it as fast, you know as two or three people that live in a house versus fifteen [volunteers]," Howard said.

Harris said he expects more volunteers to help next weekend.