A Lumberton firefighter not only rescued people during Harvey, he saved something very important to his future wife.

Kyle Parry waded through floodwaters that destroyed his home and was able to retrieve his fiance's wedding gown unharmed.

"She searched a long time for that dress," says Parry, who has been working with the Lumberton Fire Department for almost 4 years.

"If I could have saved one thing, I'm glad it was the wedding dress," he says.

In his Facebook live video, Parry is walking around his flooded home.

"I'm sorry Steph," he says.

"I'm going to have to look [at the dress], love you," he exclaims.

He went from saving lives to saving his own marriage.

"I knew everything was gone," says Parry.

"I didn't know about the dress, but when I got into the room and saw it, it was the only thing saved," he explains.

It was an unexpected stunt for the firefighter, keeping in mind his future wife Stephanie.

"When Harvey hit, everyone kept asking what's going to happen so we just didn't have the answer," he says.

It was now a postponed wedding with many of the expenses fully paid by the community.

"He went into his home and all he saved was that dress," says Elise Haynes, who is rallying behind the couple to help pay for the entire wedding.

"He was thinking about her the entire time," she says.

"I love her to death and I'd do anything for her and she knows that," Parry says.

This brave heart is an act of love that is making waves across the nation.

"Stephanie and I love each other and that's not going to change," Parry says.

That storm didn't ruin that love for us," he says.

"We're going to make that wedding happen again, and that's what we're going to do," Parry ends.

The wedding will be in Galveston on March 11th and the family will be flying in from Ontario, Canada.

Firefighters and family will soon be getting their invitations.

Parry refuses to see the dress.

He says he only plans on see it fully when he see's it on Stephanie, who he plans to spend the rest of his life with.