Countless companies across Southeast Texas are stepping up to the plate to help their employees back on their feet, OCI Partners in Beaumont has changed the life of one of their workers who was left with nothing.

"I will say thank you so much and I love you with all my heart," says Maria Baird, Lumberton woman who lost her home to Harvey.

She is one of the many people impacted by the storm as her home in Lumberton is completely ruined after being underwater for days.

Her daughter's electric wheelchair is still slowly decaying inside her unlivable home.

With every storm comes a ray of sunshine, Maria's company is coming to the rescue in setting up a temporary shelter.

"OCI has been working hard to take care of their people, and that's something we don't see very much anymore," says Charles Miller, contract work supervisor.

OCI is the largest integrated ammonia and methanol production complex in the United States located in Beaumont.

Crews are even building a brand new ramp for her daughter Reyna's wheelchair.

"Next month I will be with them for 5 years, they are always so nice in helping," Maria says.

"We've set out teams and cleaned out the houses with demolition work," says Chris Campos, work inspector for the company.

And the love spreads farther than OCI, companies like Total Petrochemical are also stepping up.

One in every 5 of their employee's had water in their homes, and at least 120 are being helped with repairs.

At Exxon mobile, they've located hotel rooms for displaced employees.

Huntsman has helped with financial support for over 130 working in Port Neches, and Motiva has donated over $500,000 in disaster recovery efforts in Houston and the Port Arthur area.

"It's devastating," Campos says.

"She [Maria] is a really good friend to everyone at the plant, so we've done our best to help out," He says.

It's giving a helping hand, especially for those who work hard to keep a company running.

"These are my boys," Maria says.

"I love them and they know that," She explains.

If you're interested in helping the family in recovery, here's the link to their GoFundMe page: