It was decided in court that the 3-year-old girl who was found clinging to her mother in Harvey flood waters will temporarily stay with her mother’s uncle.

Judge Randy Shelton decided Collette Sulcer’s uncle is the joint managing conservator for the child. He explained the father’s living situation and transportation was not suitable for the child.

Attorney Jolei Shipley, who is representing Sulcer’s family asked the father Adedera Falade if he had his vehicle registered.

Falade told the jury his car was registered but Shipley called Beaumont Police to inspect his car during court recess because she did not see an inspection sticker or valid license plates on the vehicle.

Shipley said BPD told her there was a problem with the car’s license plates.

Falade was granted visitation with Jordyn on Saturday’s from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at his apartment.

During testimony, Falade explained he is not working because he injured himself at work. He said he is still receiving payments and plans on going back to work in January.

He told Judge Shelton during questioning that he met Sulcer online in November of 2012 and dated her for about 11 months before they got married in 2013.

He said they lived together with Jordyn in Houston for a while but then she moved to Beaumont for a new job. He said he used to visit Sulcer and his daughter a few times a week but visited less often after his injury.

Shipley also asked Falade about his current living situation in court this afternoon. Falade explained he is moving into a two bedroom apartment today so he can have more room for Jordyn.

During testimony, Shipley asked him about his past marriages. She asked if he assaulted one of his former wives but Falade denied hurting anyone.

However, Falade admitted that he had a CPS case with another child.

After the ruling, Falade seemed pretty upset and did not want to make a comment.

His attorney Bryan McEachern said he was disappointed with the judge’s ruling.

“We are disappointed and respectfully disagree with this ruling, we believe a biological father of a child should have the right to dictate the upbringing of the child absent some unfitness. The unfitness that judge pointed to today was he didn’t agree with the living arrangements of the father,” said McEachern.

Sulcer's cousin, Anita Allison was verbally pronounced as Jordyn’s Manager of the Estate in probate court on Wednesday.

This means Allison has control over Jordyn’s finances including the $167,000 that was raised from a GoFundMe page after her mother’s death. She said she plans on putting that money into a trust fund.

"They are very happy with the court’s decision today, they are also looking forward that Jordyn has an appropriate relationship with her sister and father in Houston,” said Shipley.

Sulcer’s friends said they are happy with the ruling as well.

“Jordyn is going to be in the surrounding she is used to, she is going to be with family that loves her very much,” said family friend Carolyn Guidry.

The next hearing date has not been set at this time. The attorneys will either decide to schedule a hearing or work out an agreement amongst themselves.