Concerns for some folks along Keith Road near Lumberton, they say they are seeing delays in their trash pickup.

It's not just the flies buzzing, it's an entire neighborhood, and many say their trash bins have been overflowing for weeks.

"It makes me very mad and upset because I can't even do it myself," says Lovelle Rozell, who lives off Creekwood street.

Being homebound, it's already a hassle in taking out the trash, so imagine seeing trash build up with time.

"Sometimes you can't even get it in the bin because they don't pick it up," she says.

Rozell tells us that Contractors with Republic Services haven't been around for about 2 weeks.

"It makes me feel terrible because now they've got my money," she says.

Republic Service released a statement saying:

"We recognize there have been residual challenges as a result of Hurricane Harvey which have caused delays, we are fully committed to helping our community and customers recover and are working very hard to provide the level of service our customers expect from Republic Services."

After several phone calls, crew members were quickly dispatched to relieve this neighborhood trash trouble.

"I want them here to pick up trash on the schedule like they're supposed to," Rozell says.

Hoping her neighborhoods trash won't mount up again.

If your trash is still out on the curb in the area around Keith Rd. you can request service by Republic by calling 409-724-2371