According to the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, some businesses are still not in operation due to Hurricane Harvey.

“It's been a bad time for everyone," said Lanny Graham, the General Manager and Vice President of Modica Brothers.

Graham says his business didn't receive any damages and opened up a week after the storm.

"As of now, most of our people are back and we have had a lot of business," said Graham.

According to the chamber, 134 businesses reported damages from Harvey, six out of the 134 were completely destroyed, and the rest received minor or major damages.

"I feel for them," said Graham. "It’s a hard thing to put up with."

Graham and his employees are choosing to strive ahead to bring restoration back to Beaumont as many businesses are still trying to recover.

"We're Texans,” said Graham. “We put our boots on and then we get back at it."