The entire city was like a lake says an evacuee who is currently sheltered right in the tents outside the Robert A. "Bob" Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur, she recalls the moments before being rescued from flooding waters of Harvey.

"It was like a lake outside," says Annia Winn.

"Boats and helicopters were everywhere," she says.

It's been a month since tropical storm Harvey brought on so much devastation across Texas.

"Water started coming in the kitchen, and through the front door," Winn remembers.

"It kept coming up, it got up to my prosthetic leg and knee's," she says.

Let's remember, as the waters rose, so did we. #409Strong

— Juan Rodríguez (@_JuanRodriguez_) September 30, 2017

And just like her, hundreds of her Port Arthur neighbors were also rescued from their flooded homes.

Seeing all that water, waving their hands to try to get the boats to come, I was praying the water didn't rise any further," Winn explains.

The Port Arthur Civic Center was once a shelter, then was completely evacuated as waters made their way inside.

A month later, the outside of the building is still a fight for survival.

"Some people look down at us because we're in here, but I thank God because somebody cares," Winn says.

Her spirit of hope shines amongst Harvey's wrath, as she remembers such a disaster.

"I know there's a God and I know he works and moves, so put your hope in God and wait for the best," she says.

It's a natural disaster she hopes to never go through again.