An Orange resident is finding relief from Hurricane Harvey after many in the community came to help repair her home for free. After the storm made landfall, Foskey left her home.

"The water was about three feet high inside my home,” said Julie Foskey, an Orange resident.

When Foskey returned, she found that Harvey left about $60,000 worth of flood damage.

A price that she was unable to afford. However, with the help of friends and strangers in the community, she found a way out of the financial hole.

“The day I got back in my home, people just started showing up,” said Foskey. “Five people came and then five more people showed up.”

Foskey called the volunteers who removed the ruined flooring and dry wall “good Samaritans.”

"It was the right thing to do,” said John Lingo, an Orange resident. It’s going to take everyone together to help each other out.”

"Without friends and others in the community, I would be so much worse off,” said Foskey. “I had no mold in my house because everyone got in my home and helped."

By next week, Foskey believes the new flooring and drywall will be installed.