Vidorians watched their city on the big screen during a slideshow at Pirate stadium on Tuesday, nearly a month following Harvey.

A touching moment for those on the bleachers who came to support their high school football team.

"Its really important because it says how much we come together as a family, as a town." said Valarie Says, a junior at Vidor High School.

The sound of the band made its way back to the people's hearts like Rachel Conor.

Conor wanted a little bit of normalcy post Harvey and watch her daughter perform. "We went through it. We went in the boats, the dogs, you know its just, we've been so scattered and now we are all back together." she said.

The slideshow also bringing back emotional memories for those who lost even more than a home.

"It was pretty hard because it was my mom's house and my mom passed away and so I mean that's what I have left of her that's what she left us." said Madison Adams.

The message "unsinkable" spread through the field as the community continues to rebuild in Vidor.

"To come out and be here tonight, on a school night to see our football teams back in action, that's exciting!" said Greg Jacks with Vidor ISD.

The Pirates beat the Jaguars Tuesday night 42-21.