Carlos Rostro remembers what it was like to rescue hundreds from their flooded homes in Beaumont. The 22-year-old server from Café Del Rio is being praised by the men who put their lives at risk for others.

“Working with the fire department, it was like a brotherhood. One did one thing but the other person did too. Together, we got the job done.” He said.

Rostro joined several other Beaumont first responders helping them hand in hand when Harvey struck.

He even helped translating English to those who didn’t speak it.

“I think it’s amazing to see hardships of the people, the hardships of the first responders. It shows that he has some drive and the willingness for public service.” Said District Chief Scott Wheat with Beaumont Fire Rescue.

Carlos was seen everywhere helping out and giving his all. Even a hashtag was made for him called #BeLikeCarlos.

Carlos got emotional on Tuesday after he found out the community is trying to pay it forward by raising money so he can attend the fire academy.

“I wanted to help the people that helped. I didn’t want any of this you know to get out or anything like that. The drive just to help that’s all I wanted.” He explained.

If you wish to help Carlos pursue his dream to become a firs responder, you can click here: