After days of little to no sleep helping out flooding victims of Hurricane Harvey, Keith Bass’ main method of transportation went under water.

His 2015 Jeep Wrangler pulled a trailer full of supplies from Nederland to Winnie, Anahuac and other Southeast Texas communities.

"To see the people that were just in tears, shambles, who just lost everything instantly and this storm hadn't hit yet, it was just heartbreaking," Bass said.

Bass was driving in water along Highway 73 towards the Bob Bowers Civic Center while the flooding trapped many sheltered residents inside.

Bass says a city dump truck passing by him on the highway pushed wake into his trailer. That caused the trailer to drag his Jeep into deep water.

"I was using Jeep for what it was for but water had other plans for me," Bass said.

A Facebook live video and picture of him standing on top of his Jeep gained the attention of many people.

Bass says he’s humbled by the amount of support he’s received.

"With people having their own issues like that, having to worry about their own battles, but for them to keep reaching out saying, 'Hey what can we do?' It means a lot to me," Bass said.

Bass says his Jeep has insurance, but the aftermarket parts he installed are not covered.

A link to a YouCaring page can be found here.