Doctor Levon Vartanian works in the ER at Christus Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth. And for the past three weeks, at least 10 of his patients deal with post Harvey injuries and infections.

“People are still walking through the contaminated water inside their homes so we are seeing a lot of injuries.” Said Vartanian.

He also explained how the recent floodwater maintained salt and sea water which allowed a high risk of skin infections.

12News found out one person got infected with fungus and staph when she was exposed to contaminated floodwater during Harvey.

“We are still seeing injuries post Harvey because people are out there doing things that they would not normally like cleaning out the garage and knocking down dry wall.” He said.

Dr. Vartanian wants to remind people who are cleaning out their homes to make sure they are using the following:

· Long clothing

· Knee-high rubber boots

· Gloves

· Eyewear & masks

“Even something as simple as a paper cut that you have suffered you know in the office, and you’re going out in your backyard cleaning some debris, that can get infected.”

Vartanian said many suffered from a violent bacteria called Vibro during Hurricane Katrina which was found in floodwater.

According to the Business Insider, five people died and 22 lost limbs from the infection.