Now that Southeast Texas residents are mucking out homes flooded by Harvey the debris piles are growing and growing.

Cities and counties in the area are now releasing instructions on how to deal with the debris and when it will start being picked up.

We will keep a running list here and update it as we receive information for all of our counties and cities.


JEFFERSON COUNTY has contracted with DRC to remove debris in rural areas of the county beginning on Thursday, September 7.

  • Place debris out for pick-up on the county right of way close to the road as possible.
  • Materials need to separated as follows...
    • Vegetation-Trees, leave, logs
    • Spoiled Food and contaminated recyclables-Unusable food and wet papers
    • Structural and building material- Drywall, lumber, carpet furniture, etc.
    • Appliances-freezers, stove, washer and dryers
    • Electronics-Televisions, computers, telephones, etc.
    • Household Hazards-oils, batteries, paints, cleaning supplies, gasoline

DRC, which is the debris removal company for the rural areas of the county, would like you to place debris out for pick-up on the county right of way close to the road as possible.

Materials need to separated as follows:

Vegetation- Trees, leaves, logs, spoiled food and contaminated recyclables, unusable food and wet papers

Structural and building materials- Drywall, lumber, carpet and furniture

Appliances- Freezers, stove, washer and dryer

Electronics- Televisions, computers, telephones, etc.

Household Hazards- Oils, batteries, paints, cleaning supplies, gasoline

Having everything separated as best as you can will expedite the debris pick up.

If you have any questions about debris removal, DRC has set up a customer hotline at 1-888-721-4372, which will start taking calls on Sept. 5 and will start debris pickup on Thursday Sept. 7. It will take a few weeks before their operations are fully up and running, so it may be a few days before they get to your area.

DRC is contracted for the rural areas of Jefferson County and the Mid County areas.

The City of Beaumont and the City of Port Arthur have other companies contracted for their citizens.

BEAUMONT - Do not place debris, building materials and furniture in roads or ditches. If an emergency should occur, access by police, fire, and EMS can be hampered and delayed.

For the safety of you and your neighbors please place all materials at the curbside and keep the roadways clear. Refer to "bulk trash guidelines at for further guidance.


Heavy trash is collected weekly on your regular pickup day. The service is limited to single-family residential customers. Heavy trash from any other entity must be transported to the landfill.

Heavy trash includes:

  • Large yard waste (Limbs & branches up to 8-feet long, or cut to 8-foot lengths)\
  • Tree trunks larger than 12″ in diameter must be cut to a maximum two foot length
  • Furniture and mattresses
  • Appliances and miscellaneous heavy debris
  • A maximum of four tires per year

Heavy trash is NOT collected by city crews from the following:

  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Apartment buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Vacant lots

PORT ARTHUR began urging residents to put out garbage on Tuesday, Sept 6, because trash removal has resumed following Harvey.

Garbage crews will be picking up trash and debris daily from sunrise to sundown.

Residents are asked to place debris, sorted if possible, near the curb, while avoiding ditches and drainage areas.

NEDERLAND - On Thursday, September 7th, the Harvey debris clean-up is scheduled to begin. Trucks from DRC, the city’s debris removal company,will initially focus on the most heavily impacted areas.

The city asks that residents move their vehicles off the street to facilitate the debris contractor's trucks, which are much larger than the city trash trucks.

Anyone who does NOT want their piles picked up due to flood insurance should clearly mark their pile "DO NOT TOUCH" or "DO NOT PICKUP".

Place your debris out for pick-up on the right-of-way as close to the road as possible. DRC will not pick-up debris placed in garbage bags.

To ensure debris is picked up as quickly as possible, it is necessary to have materials separated into separate piles...

  • Green waste (limbs, tree branches, log, leaves, and vegetation)
  • Spoiled food and household garbage
  • Construction debris (drywall, lumber, carpet, and furniture)
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Household hazardous materials

The City recognizes that separation of debris may be an inconvenience, however, State and Federal laws/requirements must be met.

For questions about debris removal call the DRC customer hotline at (888) 721-4372 or the City at 723-1542 and 723-1541.

GROVES - The City of Groves Public Works department strongly encourages citizens to contact their insurance company about their policies before putting your contents to roadside for pickup.

Make sure they are not required to physically see your contents.

Debris will be picked up if staged properly.


PINEHURST - Debris guidelines for the City of Pinehurst have been released...

  • Spoiled food only will be accepted from 7:30am – 7:30pm at Pinehurst Operations and Maintenance Center 3000 Gull Street until further notice.
  • Household debris (clothes, carpet, furniture etc.) shall be placed at edge of property (not in drainage ditch or roadway) for pickup.
  • Appliances and white goods shall be placed in separate pile at edge of property (not in drainage ditch or roadway) for pickup.
  • Refrigerators and freezers with food in them will NOT be picked up. See above
  • Construction debris shall be placed in a separate pile at edge of property (not in drainage ditch or roadway) for pickup.

Pinehurst also released the following statement on permits...

  • All flood related construction repairs must be permitted through the City of Pinehurst Permitting Office located at 2497 MLK Jr. Dr. There will be NO CHARGE for flood related permitting.

BRIDGE CITY is working with Orange County on debris pickup in an organized and timely manner and asks that residents be patient during th countywide process.

The city of Bridge City asks that ALL debris be stacked on the HOUSE -SIDE of the ditch and not on the street-side or in the street.

City is asking all residents to PLEASE stack the debris on the HOUSEā€SIDE of the ditches.

This will avoid creating an unsafe situation for traffic and pedestrians and reduce drainage challenges in the event of more rain.


  • Debris removal is expected to begin on Thursday, September 7, 2017