The sheriff's office has released information on debris removal for rural areas of Jefferson County.

From the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office...

As water levels recede, residence will be returning to their homes to assess the damage from Tropical Storm Harvey and begin remediation on their homes. We want everyone in the unincorporated areas of Jefferson County to follow a few simple guidelines when setting out debris for picked up.

DRC, which is the debris removal company for the rural areas of the county, would like you to place debris out for pick-up on the county right of way close to the road as possible.

Materials need to separated as follows:

  • Vegetation-Trees, leave, logs
  • Spoiled Food and contaminated recyclables-Unusable food and wet papers
  • Structural and building material- Drywall, lumber, carpet furniture, etc.
  • Appliances-freezers, stove, washer and dryers
  • Electronics-Televisions, computers, telephones, etc.
  • Household Hazards-oils, batteries, paints, cleaning supplies, gasoline

Having everything separated as best as you can will expedite the debris pick up.

If you have any questions about debris removal, DRC has set up a Customer Hotline at 1-888-721-4372, which will start taking calls on Tuesday September 5th and will start debris pickup on Thursday September 7th. I

t will take a few weeks before their operations are fully up and running. So it may be a few days before they get to your area.

DRC is contracted for the rural areas of Jefferson County and the Mid County areas.

The City of Beaumont and the City of Port Arthur have other companies contracted for their citizens.