The piles of debris are decreasing in Port Arthur. Workers making it their priority to clean up their city daily.

As they continue to pick up debris outside homes, they are also focusing on commercial buildings.

“What we are doing is one pick up, one pass, because we really, that was something that we had to get approved cause it wasn’t in the contract to pick up in the commercial at all and we got it approved to make one pass.” Said Glen White, with City of Port Arthur.

Since Tuesday, contractors have been picking commercial debris from stores, churches, gated communities and businesses.

So far the City of Port Arthur has collected 282,883 cubic yards of debris to date.

“A lot of commercial debris is so far on to the right away we cannot cross the right away. It needs to be pushed out to the edge of the road so we can pick it up. If it’s too far in, we have to get whatever we can grab and the rest will be leftover and that’s not going to look good.” Said White.

City contractors are close to finishing the first pass of debris clean up and they are now preparing for a second third round of debris clean up during the next two to three weeks.