More than 450 fabrication workers are losing their jobs following damage to a local business along the Neches River following Hurricane Harvey.

CB& I filed a "worker adjustment and retraining notification" notice with the Texas Workforce Commission on September 21 stating that 455 employees at the company's "Beaumont Fabrication Services Shop" at 850 Pine Street would be losing their jobs after the facility was damaged by flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

"Everything in my home was taken care of from this job. This job helped me get ahead and I stayed ahead until the storm." said Mac Nowitzki.

Nowitzki worked as a crane operator at the company and was there for over a year.

He told 12News he never imagined losing his job that he enjoyed so much. "It was a good job to work! The hours was good, the relationship with the employees was very good. The management was good." he explained.

The company said that due to the flooding of the facility they were unable to immediately assess the damage to the facility.

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The "Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act" requires employers under certain circumstances to provide notice 60 days in advance of plant closures or mass layoffs according to the Texas Workforce Commission's website.

The company also cited the unforeseen nature of the flooding as the reason why they could not provide prior notice of the site's closure to employees.

The company's fabrication shop sustained what the company describes as irreparable damage and the company says it will be permanently shutting down the entire facility effective September 21, 2017, according to the letter.

Most of the 455 employees were terminated by September 21 but some employees will continue to work at the site as temporary employees and assist with the complete demobilization of the entire facility.

The remaining temporary employees are expected to lose their jobs once the permanent closure of the facility is completed.