Residents in Orange are outraged that caskets and vaults of their loved ones are out of their graves at the Hollywood Community Cemetery.

Mary Ekene said it’s painful for her to look at where her friend was buried at the cemetery off Simmons Dr.

"These people have been laid to rest, how do you sit here and come and visit your family member that's passed away in this condition, it's a sad feeling,” said Mary Ekene.

There are hundreds of caskets and vaults at the cemetery unearthed from the ground after Harvey’s flood waters impacted the city of Orange.

Some of the caskets have fallen trees laying on top of them while others have huge dents or holes in them with water inside.

“Disgraceful, it needs to be fixed, Hollywood cemetery in Orange Texas needs to come to where either the city needs to get together to come as one to fix this problem," said Ekene.

The Hollywood Community Cemetery Association is in charge of the upkeep by mowing the grass and painting when necessary.

According to association treasurer Gloria Cotton, the association is not in charge of burying the bodies or the placement of the vaults because the funeral homes are responsible.

She said the association is working on getting the caskets and vaults back into the ground but is unsure who is responsible or who has to pay for this to happen.

She said she is currently waiting on an itemized bill to show how much this will cost and once they have the bill they will find out if FEMA can pay to have this done.

Orange Emergency Management coordinator Leanne Brown told 12news officials are working with local funeral directors to figure out this issue.

They are discussing who is responsible for putting the caskets back in the ground.