During Hurricane Harvey, the ‘Lone Star State’ showed the nation what the phrase "neighbors helping neighbors" truly meant.

But, one man who went out to save people in his personal boat now needs your help.

“Whenever I had my two girls, all I though was that I was going to bring these two girls fishing in this boat," said Port Arthur resident Timothy Roberts.

Roberts said creating memories with his kids was the main reason he invested in this customized, $22,000. But, when Hurricane Harvey threatened his neighbors, he knew it was time to put his prodigy to work.

“My brother works for the Port Arthur Fire Department and he was up all night helping people. I had a perfectly good boat, so I wanted to go help too."

So, that's exactly what he did.

Officials flagged Roberts down because his boat was wide, well-lit, and built for shallow water. Shortly thereafter, he joined sheriff's deputies and the Cajun Navy, and started saving people.

Roberts said, “We all picked her up and put her in my boat and got her to higher ground."

It was a few days after the storm that Roberts got the dreaded call from his dad.

“He said, "Well Timmy, you boat's gone."

After filing a police report. Roberts pounded the pavement, knocking on doors to see if anyone had seen his prized-possession. With no solid lead-- he took to social media.

What started off as 80 shares on his page jumped to nearly 500 when his wife, Melissa, shared it.

Then came a big boost!

"I finally got in contact with the Cajun Navy. When I looked on their page, there was about 1300 shares on that post," said Roberts.

Now, he wants you to add to that number.

Roberts said, "If we all come together, and we all search, maybe we can find this boat."

The family tells 12News that they have a 14 foot boat up for grabs for anyone with information that leads to the return of his property--- no questions asked. Please contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at: (409) 835-8411 if you have any information.