The "Hail Mary" is a prayer often recited by Catholics worldwide, but for one family in Sour Lake, it means a whole lot more.

Paula Driskill and her husband Kevin returned to their home in Pinewood and saw their statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary on a table that had floated thirty feet away from their kitchen to their living room fire place.

On the table was a coffee mug with a special rosary that the statue appeared to be looking after.

Nearly every item in the house was ruined however the statue had no water on it and even though the table was prompted up at an angle, the items didn't slide into the ground either.

"The rosary was made from the flowers on my grandmother's casket cover," said Driskill.

She added that during the clean up, religious reminders started falling out of boxes and onto the torn floors of her house.

She ended up gaining many more items than she thought she'd retrieve after the flood waters rose nearly six feet in her home.

After gutting out the home, the Driskills took a sharpie to the exposed wooden studs and wrote prayers and Bible verses on several rooms in their home.

A reminder that with a strong faith, they can overpower another flood if it were to ever come again.

"Greater things are going to happen because of this, and that's what His promise is," said Driskill.