From the new uniforms and start time for Beaumont ISD's middle schools to the seniors at West Brook, Central and Ozen finally getting to start their final year of high school.

Lance Edwards spoke with excited students at both West Brook and Marshall Middle School.

A reminder to everyone who drives near the middle schools across the city that the new start times for the schools are 8:45a.m. and then school releases at 4:05p.m.

That means the traffic in those areas will be pushed back thirty minutes or so compared to last year. That's going to affect areas like South Major between Phelan and College (Vincent), Gladys and Dowlen(Marshall), Highland and Virginia(South Park), Concord near Lucas(Smith), MLK and Franklin (King), and West Virginia and 4th(Odom).

We encourage you to "tag a teacher" and wish them a great school year.