Construction work at Beaumont’s new Fire Station number one off of Gulf Street is back on track after Hurricane Harvey brought delay to its completion.

"We understand because we had members of the fire department affected by the storm,” said Brad Penisson, Captain for Beaumont Fire and Rescue. “We understand the slowdown at the construction sight.”

The 7.4. million dollar new fire station will replace the nearly 40 year old fire station off of College Street.

"So it's an updated version,” said Penisson. It’s going to have more room and newer equipment.”

The new fire station will have seven garages, larger training rooms, and individual sleep quarters for both Beaumont firefighters and EMS employees. Response times are also expected to reduce at the new location.

Keith Folsom, the city's building facilities superintendent, says that the project is expected to be finished by July 17th of next year.