Two Southeast Texas families affected by Harvey went home with brand new cars on Thursday.

It’s all thanks to an anonymous donor who wanted to help storm victims to get through hard times.

A moment Enjoli Scales never imagined when she walked into Kinsel Toyota on Thursday.

“I thought I was coming to an interview to discuss a promotion they had going and I really didn’t expect this.” Scales explained.

She received a 2017 red Corolla. Scales lost her home in Rose City as well as her car.

“I haven’t gotten any assistance yet so we are going piece by piece. I lost my car so my main focus right now is to get back into my home.” She said.

Kinsel Toyota General Manager, Jay Richards, told 12News the anonymous donor called him a few weeks back about the generous donation and Kinsel Toyota jumped on board.

“I am extremely proud that Kinsel Toyota cold be a part of this. We are happy to help anybody that we can. We’ve been trying very hard to help people in our community.” Richards said.

Another surprise came for Kaitlyn Russell and her family. Russell is a receptionist at Kinsel Toyota and had no idea what was coming.

“I knew the giveaway was happening but I didn’t know it was for me.” She said.

Russell’s husband was discharged from the Navy nearly a month before the storm. Their home was flooded out in Vidor.

“I had no idea, I mean this is amazing. I never would’ve guessed this.” Said Chaise Russell.

A third family is expected to receive their new car later this weekend.