Eric Klein runs a nonprofit organization called CAN-DO that helps with disaster relief. He’s been helping in Rose City for 10 days, and from his Facebook post it’s safe to say he’s fed up.

“To give the impression that it’s all cool out here, does this look good to you,” asked Klein in a Facebook video. “This woman is sleeping in a tent with a freaking bag for a shower, a cot, whatever water we brought her. We just went to Walmart because we had to hook her up as fast as we could because we didn’t want her sleeping on the (expletive) ground.”

Klein posted the video when he arrived in Rose City on September 16th, and since then the video already has over 500 thousand views, and 16 thousand shares. Klein says he believes people just connected with his message.

“When I started this organization I said let’s just start an organization that everything is spent on the ground, all of it,” said Klein. “So everything that comes into us, we spend here on the ground, and when we leave here, we leave with zero.”

Through the power of social media, Dustin Trevino, a local plumber, was able to reach out and offer help to Klein, and Rose City.

“I was scrolling through Facebook, and saw Eric’s post last Saturday night and seen that they didn’t have water out here,” said Trevino. “And they didn’t have enough supplies so I came out here to see what was really going on. Found out how bad it really was and try to figure out the best way I could help.”

Because according to Klein, Rose City is still in desperate need of help.

“These guys are fending for themselves out here," said Klein, in Texas by way of California. "So again our job is to come out here and take as much pressure off them, and bring as much resources as we can to the area."

“This is still home for many, including Dolores Reyes, a Rose City resident of 62 years.

“This is just my community,” said Reyes, who moved to Rose City when she was 18. “So if I can help a little bit I'll come out here. I come every day for 3 or four hours and see what I can do.”

For Klein, he wants answers, because he isn’t leaving until the job is done.

“I mean this is it, this is Texas right now guy so if you’re watching this, I hope, I apologize for my tone right now but this is (expletive),” said Klein in his video. “There is way too much freaking money out there, way too much money being raised, and it ain’t getting on the ground, so where is it?”

If you want to help Klein's cause of bringing normalcy back to Rose City, you can go to CAN-DO.ORG. Klein and other volunteers will be giving out supplies to Rose City residents at City Hall.