Upon a cold front sweeping through Southeast Texas on Monday, lower humidity levels will be back in play for the middle of the week.

Temperatures for afternoon highs will not be fluctuating all that much through Saturday, as highs will be in the middle to upper 70s. Low temperatures would be the thing you would be more likely to notice, as lows will dip down into the lower 50s (with a few upper 40s possible) through Thursday morning.

Once Thursday and Friday roll around, southerly winds will develop, and that will help enhance cloud cover. Of course, when you have cloud cover, that means that rain is possible. Friday will start the increase of rain chances, and the weekend unfortunately looks wet at this point. This is going to be associated with a cold front that will be dropping temperatures quite a bit to wrap up March, and begin April. 

Triangle Tonight: Decreasing clouds and cooler. Lows on either side of 50°. Winds: Northeast 5-10 mph.

Lakes Area Tonight: Clouds start to clear out and cooler. Lows in the lower 50s. Winds: Northeast 5-10 mph.

Triangle Tuesday: Mostly sunny skies and not as humid. Highs in the middle to upper 70s. Winds: Northeast 5-10 mph.

Lakes Area Tuesday: Sunny skies develop and pleasant. Highs in the middle 70s. Winds: Northeast 5-10 mph.


Extended Forecast

Wednesday (3/27): Partly cloudy and nice. Low near: 49°. High near: 74°. Winds: Northeast to South 5-10 mph.

Thursday (3/28): Partly sunny and seasonable. Low near: 55°. High near: 74°. Winds: Southeast 5-15 mph.

Friday (3/29): Mostly cloudy with a 30% coverage of showers and breezy. Low near: 60°. High near: 75°. Winds: South 10-20 mph.

Saturday (3/30): Mostly cloudy with a 50% coverage of PM showers. Low near: 64°. High near: 79°. Winds: South to North 10-15 mph.

Sunday (3/31): Mostly cloudy with a 60% coverage of rain/storms that is likely to increase. Temperatures will fall through the day. Low near: 65°. Winds: North 10-20 mph.

Monday (4/1): Partly sunny with an isolated shower possible and cool. Low near: 45°. High near: 62°. Winds: North 5-15 mph.