BEAUMONT — An unsettled weather pattern will settle into SE Texas Thursday and Friday with a mild, dry weekend expected.

Tonight will be frosty with a light freeze expected in the Lakes Area…cover your plants, ensure your pets have warm bedding and if you’re using space heaters – use the 3’ rule. However, mostly sunny skies are forecast Tuesday with highs in the lower 60’s.

The clouds and warmer weather return Wednesday.

However, Thursday another round of rain due to a strong upper-level low and cold front is forecast.

Friday looks cold and crummy IF the clouds stick around.

The weekend will be mild and dry with cool mornings with afternoon highs in the lower to middle 60’s.

Triangle Tonight: Clear, frosty. Low near: 33° Beaumont, 32° Orange and 36° at Port Arthur. Winds: Northwest 2-7 mph becoming Calm.

Lakes Area Tonight: Clear and frosty. Low near: 31°. Winds: Northwest 2-5 mph becoming Calm.

Triangle Tuesday: Mostly sunny, cool and dry. High near: 62° in Beaumont, High near 60° in Orange and High near 63° in Port Arthur. Winds: East becoming Southeast 3-8 mph.

Lakes Area Tuesday: Mostly sunny, cool and dry. High near: 60°. Winds: South-Southeast 2-7 mph.

Extended Forecast

Wednesday (12/12): Becoming mostly cloudy, warmer and dry. Low near: 47°. High near: 68°. Winds: South-Southeast 5-15 mph.

Thursday (12/13): 80% coverage of rain, otherwise mostly cloudy, breezy. Low near: 60°. High near: 69°. Winds: South shifting West 8-15 mph with gusts to 20 mph.

Friday (12/14): Cloudy, cold, windy with a 20% coverage of light rain or drizzle. Low near: 45°. High near: 51°. Winds: West becoming Northwest 8-20 mph with gusts to 25 mph.

Saturday (12/15): Sunny, cool and dry. Low near: 41°. High near: 61°. Winds: Northwest 5-14 mph.

Sunday (12/16): Partly sunny, warmer and dry. Low near: 43°. High near: 67°. Winds: North 2-5 mph.

Monday (12/17): Variable high cloudiness, mild and dry. Low near: 47°. High near: 66°. Winds: East becoming Southeast 2-5 mph.