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Wind shift may cause odors from Nederland hazmat leak to be smelled in Beaumont

Emergency response crews spent most of Monday monitoring and suppressing the chemical leak at Beauxart Garden Road near Highway 69.

NEDERLAND, Texas — Some Beaumont residents may be smelling vapors from a chemical spill that began over the weekend at a facility in Nederland.

The Beaumont Police Department is notifying residents Tuesday afternoon that a wind shift is now blowing some of the vapors north toward Beaumont.

Emergency response crews spent most of Monday monitoring and suppressing the chemical leak at Beauxart Garden Road near Highway 69. The incident was first reported on Sunday at the Nederland Tank Wash but began Saturday afternoon. 

The leak has closed the road and surrounding neighborhoods are being closely monitored.

The city of Nederland suggests that residents can use Febreze, non-match light charcoal, and vinegar to mitigating the odor inside homes,  vehicles or businesses.

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Officials released multiple statements saying the chemical released by the leaking trailer may linger in the air for several days. This has left Beauxart Garden residents concerned, as they have already been experiencing mild side effects.

The leaking product, known as Lubrizol 1389, is producing a low level of hydrogen sulfide gas, according to a City of Nederland press release. Lubrizol 1389 is a mineral oil blend used as a lubricant additive.

Hydrogen sulfide gas is a colorless gas known for its “rotten egg” odor, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The gas is extremely flammable and highly toxic.

A preliminary air monitoring showed that only a small amount of the chemical is detectable, according to the City of Nederland.

Side effects of hydrogen sulfide exposure depend on the amount a person breathes in and for how long. Mild symptoms can range from headaches to nausea to eye irritation.

Severe symptoms can include unconsciousness and death.

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This is a developing story. We will update with more if and when we receive more confirmed information.

From a City of Nederland news release...

Emergency response crews are still on scene monitoring a leaking transport trailer at the Nederland Tank Wash. 

The product is a mineral oil blend, known as Lubrizol 1389 that is used as a lubricant additive. 

The product is producing low levels of hydrogen sulfide gas. Emergency crews are controlling the vapor with the use of environmental scrubbing canisters, and air monitoring is ongoing around the clock. 

This morning, the operation progressed to the next phase; it is possible that during this phase, the odor may be released for short periods. 

The road closure is still in place on Beauxart Garden Road. 

Because the health and safety of our residents is our highest priority, the City of Nederland asked Nederland Tank Wash to set up a special citizen helpline that residents will be able to call for updates. 

The helpline phone number is (888) 442-4206 and will be operational beginning at 12PM today. 

The intensity and location of the odor will vary throughout the day as wind speeds and direction change. 

Febreze, non-match light charcoal, and vinegar are recommended approaches to mitigating the odor in your home, vehicle, or business. 

The operational period for this incident is still unknown and may last for several days.

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