Sometimes history can make you cringe....especially, perhaps, some of your old posts on social media.

"I kind of wear my emotions on my sleeve and kind of say things without worrying about the consequence,” said Jose Munoz, 32.

He gets fired up on Facebook when it comes to sports.

But Munoz just downloaded another app called Xpire to clean up things he wishes he had not said.

"Instead of having to scroll through there and delete every post, and search for hours and hours, I'll just search that keyword, pull it all up and delete,” he added.

For example, users can search a keyword like: “party” or “drunk.” The app retrieves posts with those words and lets users delete them.

"Yeah, you go in any keyword you want to say beer and it will pull up anytime you mentioned beer from your old Facebook posts or Tweets and lets you wipe those out immediately,” said Jesse Stauffer, 23, Xpire’s creator.

It costs $.99 and requires users to log-in to their social media accounts through Xpire.

Stauffer started working on this when he lived with his parents in Flower Mound. When he began studying computer science at the University of North Texas, he decided to look for some professional advice so he emailed Mark Cuban out of the blue. Stauffer said he was surprised when he got a response.

"Yeah I was sitting in class when he wrote me back. I just got up and left once the email came through,” recounted Stauffer.

Cuban later invested in Xpire.

“Yeah, he invested in it and I've been working with him ever since and been able to do some work on other projects. It's pretty cool,” Stauffer continued.

He wouldn't reveal how much Cuban contributed but it's priceless technology for users like Munoz.

After serving three years in prison on a drug charge, Munoz is cleaning up his life and starting with social media.

Thursday, Stauffer is presenting the technology to other ex-offenders at Cornbread Hustle in Dallas, a networking program which helps former inmates find and sustain jobs after getting out of prison.

Munoz, who is learning computer coding, is a graduate of the program.