If a 1993 senior quote by a California high school student carries its weight in gold, this year may wind up joining the elusive club of historic years for the Cubs and their fanbase.

"Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first," said Mike Lee, a California-based Cubs fan.

Although the series has yet to start, Lee has a lot on the line. His 23-year-old claim has been sitting in the pages of a 23-year-old yearbook, but one of Lee's friends certainly hasn't forgotten it.

Per People.com, Marcos Meza reminded Lee of his untimely claim via Facebook several years ago.

"We were nearing 2016," said Meza's message to Lee in part.

Upon its discovery, social media responded with humor and shock.

"Here's my question: by the end of this week, Michael Lee will be sick and tired of being asked, 'What made you choose the year 2016?'" said one Reddit user.

"Who knows," joked another user. "They might lose."

"He just mis-quoted [sic] Back to the Future II by a year," said another.

Back to the Future II made a claim to fortune in 1985, declaring the Chicago Cubs would sweep Miami in five games. But, thanks to the New York Mets and their 4-0 sweep of Chicago in the NLCS last fall, that prediction fell through. Now, the Cubs are back in the World Series spotlight for the first time in 71 years, facing a team with a World Series drought nearly as long - the Cleveland Indians. For Cleveland, their last World Series win was in 1948 - just three years after the Cubs' last appearance in the Fall Classic.

However wrong or right Lee may be, one thing is for sure: his 15 minutes of fame are just beginning.