The West Orange-Stark community is remembering the coaching career of Ronnie Anderson. On Monday he passed away in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Current athletic director Cornel Thompson said Monday was "a hard day to get through" when hearing about the death of the man who coached the Mustangs after West Orange and Stark high schools merged in 1977.

Mustang alumnus Roderick Robertson admired Coach Anderson's entire career."He would show up to games and I'm the announcer so I would always see him and I'd say hey, we've got to give the legends love when they are do while he's living. Mr. Ronnie Anderson is in attendance tonight so everyone would go and shake his hand, the kids would run out, it's just respect."

Anderson has is own reserved spot between the home dugout and home plate, tucked in between the stands and the third base line.

"He's kind of a father figure to a lot of us and I hate the news that's happened to him and we're going to miss him," said Robertson. "That's why we named the park after him, I know everyone out there who knows coach Anderson, a lot of people said man I'm not going to play for that guy, but I'm so happy I did, I really am."

Coach Anderson became a member of the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2003.