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'I just miss them' | Family of beloved Woodville coaches continue to carry on, honor their legacy

Two Woodville football players, Ralon and Kadan Williams', aim to carry on their family's legacy.

WOODVILLE, Texas — Over the past couple of years, the Woodville football helmets have had the name William's on one side to honor the loss of two long-time coaches and leaders in the community, Reggie and Randy Williams. 

The "W" in Woodville has taken on a new meaning.

"You know we lost Reggie first, then we lost our brother Randy," said Randy and Reggie Williams' brother Kenyata Williams. 

Reggie Williams died in a car accident. his death took Kenyata Williams by surprise.

"Actually, we was together the night before," Kenyata Williams said. "We had went to church, and we had came home, and I had dropped him off at home cause I actually drove him. The next morning I was work, I got that call."

Randy Williams died after a battle with cancer. 

"Kind of with Randy we was able to prepare for what was going on," Kenyata Williams said "We was kind of able to gradually go through that and be with him."

Though they are gone, their legacy is running strong through Reggie Williams' son Ralon Williams and Reggie and Randy William's nephew Kaden.

"This was Ralon's eighth grade year, and Kaden's ninth grade year that this had happened with their dad and Kaden's uncle," said Reggie's wife Shegala Diggles-WIlliams. "The day that it happened Ralon didn't want to miss school. They had a game on that da, so he went and played in that game and in that game, you can tell that he was on the field for nothing and no one but his dad."

When Ralon plays football, he plays hard for his dad. 

"Just go out there and play hard for him cause he wouldn't want me to not play the game, [because] we both love the game of football," said Ralon.

At the football game, Kaden was in the stands stepping in for his uncle.

"They were like fathers to me," said Kaden. "So they pretty much was like role model to everybody here. Everybody looked up to them. I just miss them. I just miss them both. I wish they could be here to see me and my cousin play together."

Now every time their cleats hit the field, they remember exactly why and who their playing for.

We told them everything we do, we're honoring them. Just try to be better people to our community to try to fulfill their roles they had when they were here," said Ralon.

"Ever since then Everything we do here is for them two," said Kaden.

Randy and Reggie Williams, coaches driven by faith to serve their community.

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