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Simone Biles will have Imo's Pizza waiting for her when she returns home from Olympics

Imo's sent her a care package full of frozen pizzas after she left for Tokyo

ST. LOUIS — After Olympic gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from the team competition to focus on her mental health earlier this week, fans were asking Imo’s to send pizzas to her.

But what fans didn’t know was that Imo’s was already on top of it. The pizza chain tweeted it had shipped pizzas to her home in Houston shortly after she left for the Tokyo Olympics.

When Biles was in St. Louis for the gymnastics trials in June, Imo's shared a photo of her enjoying the Square Beyond Compare. And right after leaving the Lou, she tweeted she was already missing Imo’s, which Imo’s replied, “We miss you!!!”

Biles withdrew from the team final on Tuesday after one rotation and then decided to withdraw from the all-around competition on Thursday. The day before withdrawing from the final, she opened up on social media about the pressures of the Olympics saying she felt “the weight of the world on my shoulders at times.”

Several people shared their support for Biles on social media, including fellow Olympian and St. Louis native Jayson Tatum.

"Is it that hard to be supportive and empathetic to what others are going through? This is someone’s daughter and her health your referring to," Tatum said in a quote tweet. "Wonder if he has kids and how he would feel as a parent someone talking about his kids this way. Cause I’d be DAMNED. Simone is a hero!"

After Biles withdrew from the final, the U.S. team went on to win the silver medal.