The Winter Olympics opening ceremony isn't until Friday, but we already have our first meme of the PyeongChang games, courtesy of Lindsey Vonn's dog.

Vonn ran into quite a bit of travel trouble making it to South Korea this week. She shared updates from her 24-hour journey on Twitter.

At one point a Twitter follower asked Vonn how her dog Lucy has handled such a long trip. Vonn replied back that "she's been asleep this whole time! Never barks or whines. She's happy when she's traveling. it's pretty awesome."

Once she finally made it to South Korea, Vonn shared a photo of herself and Lucy...but when you zoom in on Vonn's dog, she seems to have an interesting reaction.

Vonn took it all in stride saying she thinks the jetlag may have been a factor in Lucy's bewildered expression.

The meme truly kicked off when Team USA joined in.

It's not the first time Lucy has stolen the spotlight in one of Vonn's tweets.

Here's to many more Olympic memes as the competition kicks off!