MANVEL, Texas – Cooper Davis, 6, had a rough start to 2018.

Just hours into the new year, a trampoline accident landed the Manvel boy in the hospital.

“I was screaming bloody murder, and they didn't even think my leg was broke. I said, 'I broke my leg! I broke my leg!' But they didn't think I did,” Davis said.

Unfortunately, an X-ray proved him right, but the doctor gave Cooper some good news, too.

He told the 6-year-old he had the same injury as Texans player J.J. Watt – a tibial plateau fracture.

Cooper's mom, Judith, says things didn't seem so bad all of a sudden.

“He got up, and he asked for his J.J. Watt jersey. I was like, OK. He said, 'Look, mom, I'm J.J.,'” Judith Davis said.

Davis took a picture and tweeted it to Watt.

The football player answered, “Ahh man I'm so sorry to hear that, but love to see him smiling!! Tell him that this is just a test to see how tough we are and we're gonna come back stronger than ever!!! #OneDayAtATime (and DM me his GamerTag, I'll play some XBox with him to help pass the time!)”

The two plan to play a soccer video game soon.

“J.J. Watt steps up to the plate big time for everybody, but for him to step out and touch a little guy like this, who's only 6, who idolizes him, it really means a lot to me,” Judith Davis said.