HOUSTON -- We haven’t heard a lot from Houston Texans star J.J. Watt since it was announced in September that he hurt his back and would be out for the season.

Watt missed the 2016 training camp and Houston's four preseason games after surgery in July to repair a herniated disk in his back. He returned and started each of the team's three regular-season games but got hurt again against the Patriots.

In a blog posted to the website theplayerstribune.com on Tuesday, J.J. Watt asks the question no fan wants him to ask, “Am I Done?”

The piece gives us a unique look at Watt’s condition as he returned home to Wisconsin in the fall of 2015: “One broken hand. One staph infection. Two torn abs. Three torn adductor muscles. One herniated disc. (Twice),” he writes.

"People deal with injuries and illnesses every day. In my mind, I was just doing my job, and what anybody would do if they were in my shoes. Unfortunately, that was the start of a pretty dark year for me. We won the division and made the playoffs despite starting four different quarterbacks, but after the season, my body was a mess," he goes on to write.

In regards to his re-injury at the start of the 2016 season, he goes on to write: "Some people started to wonder if I was done. There was a time when I genuinely wondered, 'Am I done?'"

But he finishes the entry with a few important lines for his fans:

Yes, over the last year, I’ve been through some dark times, and my body was beat up more than most people probably realize. But I’ve learned that a life without adversity is a boring life to live. I’ve experienced the highs, and I’ve experienced the lows, and both are better than living in the middle.

The kid in me is back.

Am I done?

Hell no.

I’m just getting started.

Read: http://www.theplayerstribune.com/jj-watt-am-i-done/